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Listen up – it is time that you began taking your reproductive health serious and taking all the proper precautions as a woman. You have responsibilities to your body to ensure it is in tiptop shape by visiting a specific woman’s doctor known as an OB/GYN.

Many women do not take their health serious enough and wait until their 30s before they visit an OB/GYN. While still young, the reproductive system has been ongoing for years and it can cause you to not have the best and most susceptible reproductive system. Many women have hindered themselves and their ability to have kids due to their lack of diligence of caring for their bodies properly.

When you visit an OBGYN, you are promised to have the perfect reproductive system. Many of them are able to detect illnesses and diseases that you are unable to detect on your own until the symptoms have severely worsened. Something as mild as a yeast infection can have a serious impact on your overall health as a woman. Although not “deadly”, a yeast infection can easily build up without you knowing. While discharge is often common, sometimes it takes weeks for that to occur. The yeast infection builds up slowly to your ovaries and can be detrimental to your ability to reproduce.

Simple Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) can also influence your reproductive system. Any infection or disease that lingers too long can damage your ovaries significantly. When this occurs, the chances of conceiving children are lower than normal and can even be near impossible for some women. This can be devastating for you and it is why it is necessary for you to take your health seriously.

Preventive care is the best and most advisable way to ensure that you combat any illness and increase your ability to have kids at a later date. As soon as you begin your menstrual cycle, you should begin visiting an OGBYN to ensure the safety of your health.

More serious illnesses such as cancer can only be detected through your OBGYN since they are specifically looking for it through your annual checkups. It can be a scary feeling to undergo your annual checkup. However, it is the only way to ensure you are in the best health. If you test positive for cancer but have had your annual checkup every year before, you can be reassured your cancer will be in the beginning stages. Beginning stage cancers have very low death tolls, and are easy to combat.

It is a scary situation for women to put themselves in the position to get possible bad news. However, worse news occurs if you wait too long to hire an OBGYN.

Women, it is time you took a stand and decided to do what was best for you and your body. Your body is your temple and you should ensure you are taking care of it in the best method possible.

Avista Is Committed To Women’s Health

Women's HealthWomen’s Health issues are often overlooked in this world. This may seem contradictory as it seems that we are constantly seeing political and personal opinions about reproductive rights and other issues on the news and just in society in general, but when it comes down to the actual health and well being of the women in this world, nobody is really talking. Women have a specific set of health needs and it is important that there are people that are dedicated and committed to making sure that women get exactly what they need when it comes to their well being and health. The doctors at Avista Women’s Health are some of the people that really care about the women that they are seeing and treating and they want to make sure that they are doing everything in their power to make sure that every single woman that comes to them gets exactly what they need. It is important for women to see a doctor who is a specialist, as well as a general care practitioner. It is imperative the women find an OB/GYN who they can see and who can make sure that they are being the healthiest woman, not to mention person, that they can be. These obstetric and gynecological doctors are skilled and knowledgable and are able to do things that normal family practice doctors cannot. Bottom line is that every women needs a trusted doctor that is committed to their health as a women and at Avista you will find some of these people.

Women’s Health Care Is Vital

Preventative Care

There is a lot of talk in these modern times about health care, both from a societal and political standpoint, but no matter what your views or politics are I think that we can all agree that good health care is vital, especially when it comes to Women’s Health Care. Not to say that the health of children and men are not of equal importance, but when it comes to women and their specific health care needs things are a little different. Women deal with health issues and concerns that do not apply to men and children necessarily and that is why it is important to have great qualified health care professionals who know about women’s health.

There is a place in Colorado where dedicated health professionals have committed themselves to excellence when it comes to women and their health. This place is Avista Women’s Health and they want to make sure that every single woman can imagine themselves healthier and get the care that they need no matter what it may pertain to. There are a lot of women who are not getting the proper health care and that is why these doctors and staff are committed to excellence when it comes to women’s health. Whether it be reproductive health or Preventative Care for women, the people at Avista want you to know that you can count on them. They accept all and every woman and are there to make sure that the women in Colorado are getting the health care that they need and deserve.

Reproductive health and birth control

Women’s health care includes not only pregnancy, but also the preventative care through the use of birth control measures. There are many different types of birth control measures, some of which are more effective than others. Birth control can be used by the woman alone, or in the case of condoms, by the male. Here are a few of the birth control methods used in preventative healthcare.

Intrauterine devices are also known as IUD’s which are made from either copper or levonorgestrel. These devices are inserted, through a short surgical (outpatient) procedure and are left in the woman’s uterus for up to five years. The low dose of hormones, or copper effects, will prevent pregnancy and oftentimes slow or eliminate the monthly menstrual cycle. IUD’s are used often in woman who have not had children but can also be used in woman who have had children. This reproductive health method and has over one hundred eighty million users worldwide.

Sterilization is another method of birth control that is not reversible and can be invasive. For woman, serialization includes tubal ligation where the tubes are tied in the ovaries. For men, sterilization includes a vasectomy in which the vasa deferentia are severed, preventing the sperm from entering into the seminal stream and thus cannot be ejaculated during sexual intercourse. The decision for sterilization is a big one and should not be taken lightly as it is not reversible. It is shown that men do not regret the sterilization procedure as much as women might but this differs between ages, types of sterilization measures, and other considerations.

Reproductive health

IUD a form of women’s birth control

The issue of women’s health

Health care in this country has always been determined by those in office, in political office, and that means by men.  But men have no idea what is the best thing for women’s health, and they really should not be in charge of the regulations and stipulations for health care around women’t health.  I am fascinated by the fact that men really think they can accurately and correctly gauge what women need for their health care and what the recommendations from the government should be.  There should be a panel of women, female doctors and other types of women in the health care industry, who are the ones who come up with the government regulations.  This should not be something that men are in charge of or even something that we listen to from men.  They do not know what it means to be a woman and what we need to have happen in our ob/gyn visits that happen on their schedule.  There is nothing more ridiculous than reading recommendations about women’t health that come out from male authors.  There is nothing that they could study or know about that would really adequately prepare them to actually come up with government recommendations or regulations surrounding the time frame and schedule for women’s health appointments and check ups, or what the insurance companies will and will not pay for when it comes to women’t health.  These are things that should be left to a doctor and her patient, and that do not involve government regulation.


OB/GYNs are important for neonatal health.

One of the most important factors in determining a child’s success later in life is the quality of care prior to birth and within the first year after birth.  It is so critical that you could, to a very accurate degree, determine future earnings of a child based off of their third grade reading level which is impacted highly by the quality of care in the child’s first year and first five years.  As a result, it is very important that first-time mothers have access to quality care and care that can be affordable to them.  Nonetheless, it starts before the baby is born.  Receiving care throughout the pregnancy is also a critical factor.  For this reason, OB/GYNs are very important figures in the child’s life.  They may not get the recognition that they deserve, but they are critical to making sure that they mother is able to receive all of the proper health care that she needs.  I am not familiar with any factors regarding the quality of an OB/GYN and the success of a child later in life, but learning starts at birth and that is something that no one should forget.  Pairing up a first-time mother with someone that can teach them some of the very best ways to care for the child is a great first step.  I do hope that there is an expansion of these types of programs with the introduction of Obamacare.  I am not sure if that will happen, but in my opinion there need to be some reproductive health components to any public health policy.

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women's health

Women’s Healthcare: Reproductive Care & OB/GYNs

For women, having an emotional and friendly relationship with your doctor goes a long way toward your comfort when you’re visiting their office.  OB/GYNs and other women’s healthcare professionals know that it is their job to care for your reproductive health and build a relationship with you.  Women’s healthcare takes a great degree of sensitivity and compassion; without proper bedside manner, it is difficult to have a successful women’s health practice.  Find an OB/GYN

What are the qualities most important to you when searching for a women’s healthcare professional?  Experience is an important quality, and in many cases, may outweigh bedside manners in an emergency situation.  Many people prefer a doctor who does not ‘beat around the bush’ and instead offers decisive and concrete guidance and recommendations to ensure your optimal health.  An experienced women’s healthcare professional will always know when manners are most appropriate, and when time is of the essence.

Reputation is a major factor for women when deciding on an OB/GYN.  Women consult with their friends and female family members to make sure they have explored all of the best options when searching for an OB/GYN.  If your mother has already found an OB/GYN that she trusts, than who else better than your mother’s doctor to care for you? In all likelihood, that OB/GYN is more prepared to treat you and any conditions you may have before any other doctor.  If your OB/GYN comes with a trusted endorsement from your mother, it’s hard to keep looking for another, unless your mom gives bad advice. I don’t know many moms that do that.

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